PROmoting digital rights LIteracy For Including Citizens

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The Project

PROLIFIC wants to foster competencies about rights and digitalization of professionals, volunteers and educators who work with people with disabilities, older people and migrants, and know first-hand their conditions, characteristics and daily challenges.

Specifically, the project wants to give these professionals tools to better respond to issues and violation of citizens’ digital rights, especially of vulnerable people.

Thus, PROLIFIC wants to help these specific target groups to enhance  strategies and awareness on their rights.

The Objectives

Increasing awareness of people with disabilities, older people and migrants about their digital rights by building the capacity of professionals who work with them.

Developing and disseminating a software and training contents personalised to each target group.

Validating an evaluation tool for the impact of promoting digital rights among vulnerable groups.

The Methodology

The project involves three groups as people with disabilities, older people and migrants, and professionals who directly work with them across 3 countries (Italy, Spain and Portugal).

The methodology of PROLIFIC focuses on a co-design approach to develop the project with the following features:

  • Focus group discussions with people with disabilities, older people, migrants
  • Depth-interviews with professionals (Delphi method)
  • Training with professionals across the three Countries
  • Validate of impact evaluation tool
  • Spread of the software with the results

The Platform

An online custom course generation software tailored to the vulnerable groups to allow professionals to provide training to the groups who work with. The resulting materials (the «courses») are online (.html) and to be downloaded (.pdf & .epub).

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